Utilisation and Acceptance

The primary goal is to effectively communicate the results and individual implementation steps of the project to the general public. This goal is being pursued in three different working sectors. The aim of the first sector is to communicate the project results and promote their economic utilisation. In this B2B marketing project work, the focus is on establishing a regional network of players. This is to be achieved by organising events, participating in trade fairs and strong online communication via this dedicated NEW 4.0 portal.

A second sector is concerned with promoting acceptance by the general public, media and multiplicating actors in the project region, which is to be achieved through extensive media work, comprehensive information material and a roadshow. The third sector is focused on project related acceptance research and conducts several surveys to determine the extent of the impact the NEW 4.0 project has on public trust in, and society’s acceptance of, the development of a new energy system, and what impact factors are involved.


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