Market Conditions and regulatory framework

The primary aim of this work package is to develop proposals for the structure and legal form of an electricity market 2.0. based on SINTEG. To this end, the regulation of the power transmission and distribution grids, the design of the electricity market and the funding mechanisms of renewable energies are examined in terms of their future viability, effectiveness and efficiency. The examination is based on market, economic and legal criteria.

Furthermore, within this work package the topic-specific activities of the consortium partners when carrying out the SINTEG projects are monitored in order to gain insights for the further development of the legal framework. Additionally, as a first step, the legal wording of the SINTEG experimentation clause, which is essential for testing the energy transition in the NEW 4.0 project, will be backed up scientifically in cooperation with the consortium partners and the other SINTEG project members. As a second step, the existing obstacles for each individual field of application within the current legal framework will be examined, and proposals drawn up for improvements in order to achieve the goals of NEW 4.0 in the long term.


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