Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The partners working on the “ICT” package explore solutions for all parts of the project. This technology forms the “brain” and “nerve pathways” of future energy systems. In an intelligent energy system, decisions are made in real time by distributed software (the decentralised brain), which receives its information via the data connections (the nerve pathways) from a number of various systems.

A solution approach: the “energy platform”. This platform is a universal marketplace (smart market), combined with direct management of the systems. It enables “fully automatic trading” between equals, and is to be achieved by means of a blockchain. Among the applications for which the platform can be used is the “local short-notice intraday”. Here, consumers can obtain electricity directly from certain regional products, in other words, locally. “Short-notice” can mean trading one minute before supply. In this way, use can be made of available renewable energy which would otherwise have to be switched off. The platform is open to all market actors and accessible to other interested parties from outside the NEW 4.0 group.

Example: Energy platform / Hamburg Energie GbmH

The EnergiePlattform enables market-based initiatives for greater use of renewable energies and simultaneous system stabilization to become reality. An exchange of information with the network operators – called bidirectional network transparency – ensures that the market-based trading benefits the network. If supply and demand match a “flexibility“ in the marketplace blockchain, a digital contract directly results in correct control of the systems.

This applies to producers, consumers and storage providers. As a flexibility manager and energy supplier, Hamburg Energie is trying to bring Cogeneration, Power-to-X, Storage, PV and other virtual power plants together in a common network, in order to optimise operations and lift market entry barriers, especially for small virtual power plants. In addition to virtual power plant concepts, the blockchain technology is employed as a communication and organisation technology. The partner organization PONTON GmbH is a pioneer of blockchain technology.


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