The energy system of the future will be characterised by renewable energy generation plants. This requires, firstly, consistent expansion of the grids and, secondly, greater regional utilisation of green electricity. The formerly hierarchical electricity grid is being adapted more and more to the altered generation structures and new energy market regulations. In addition there is sector coupling, which must link the electricity grid with the heat and gas grid, so that there too low carbon energy can be employed.

The overall objective in the “Grids” topic area is to find solutions applicable to the challenges facing today’s energy grids. In the NEW 4.0 project, therefore, efforts are being made to simplify the system integration of renewable energies and the interaction of the various players at all levels of the grid. To this end, grid operators need greater real time transparency on the status of their grids. This is necessary in order to show them possible ways of finding solutions to the urgent issues through new forms of grid operation – and through the support of market players.

Electricity grids connect producers and consumers with each other. This responsibility makes the “Grids” work group the contact point for all use cases and work groups. It checks new ideas for their feasibility and supplies the data necessary for this purpose. The grid operators involved in the work group are particularly important input providers and partners.


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