Generation Management

The work package “Generation management: storage facilities and system services” investigates, analyses and tests the technical properties of generating and storage facilities, in order to model and test innovative and marketable concepts. The aim here is to safeguard supply reliability when the availability of renewable energies in the region is 100 percent. Current and future markets are to be made more flexible by coupling with the heating and mobility sectors. Good coordination between producers and consumers can be conducive to savings in grid expansion and reduce generation capacities in reserve.

In addition to maintaining reliability of supply, the provision and further development of system services, especially from wind power plants, is an overriding goal. Another central topic is the connection of the demonstrators on the consumer side to a smart market so that energy and various system services can be handled both regionally and between regions.

Example: Multi-MW hybrid storage project Brunsbüttel / Wind to Gas Energy GmbH

Wind to Gas Energy GmbH & Co. KG is planning a hybrid storage project: an electrolyser and battery accumulator are to be connected directly to wind turbines in the surrounding area. With a peak output of 2.5 MW, 450 Nm³ of hydrogen can be produced per hour. The hydrogen produced is fed into the city‘s gas network, but is also intended to be used by other customers, for example at gas filling stations. The objectives of the project are, on the one hand, providing system services through a multi-MW battery storage facility and, on the other, innovative marketing of wind power in the electricity and gas accounting circuit.


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