Rroadshow with our digital exhibit

The NEW 4.0 – Roadshow with our digital exhibit

The digital exhibitshows the north German model region of NEW 4.0 at an impressive size of 4x2 meters and invites visitors with the help of augmented reality screens to playfully explore the challenges the switch to a climate friendly energy supply of the future faces and how they can be solved. The goal is to give an understanding of the exciting projects and fascinating new technologies of the NEW 4.0 partners to as many people as possible and stimulate enthusiasm for the energy revolution. The NEW 4.0 roadshow will be on tour in the North till the end of 2020.


Wir sagen Tschüss!

Das Modellprojekt "Norddeutsche Energiewende 4.0" ist beendet. Mehr über die Hintergründe, Meilensteine und Ergebnisse finden sie aber auch weiterhin auf dieser Website.