NEW 4.0 - Netzwerk und Akteure

Our model region

Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein form an ideal model region for »Smart Energy Showcases – Digital Agenda for the Energy Transition« .This programme is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). With a renewable energy ratio of 40%, the region already finds itself at the point where Germany is supposed to be by 2025, in line with the expansion corridor. While Hamburg represents a high-demand area in which only 3% of requirements is covered by renewable energies, Schleswig-Holstein is able to cover its requirements almost completely from regenerative sources.

Thus, it is exporting more and more energy. With numerous connections to the transmission grids and to offshore wind farms and owing to its central geographic location between the centres of consumption in the south and Scandinavia’s storage power plants in the north, the region is developing into an energy hub for Northern Europe on an international basis. The approach for dealing with the challenge of the growing imbalance of the generation and load situation in the region is to serve as a model for and be transferable to other German and European regions. Thus, NEW 4.0 is a »blueprint«  for the energy transition. The purpose of the major practical test is to demonstrate the unique opportunity represented by the energy transition and to show how the necessary transformation of the energy system can succeed.

Moreover, the project is aimed at opening up new market opportunities for the companies involved and making them more competitive in a growing future market. For the federal states, the significant factor is that the regional economy is strengthened, new industrial value chains are created and thus jobs are secured and created. Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein are expanding their role as a leading location for innovation.


Wir sagen Tschüss!

Das Modellprojekt "Norddeutsche Energiewende 4.0" ist beendet. Mehr über die Hintergründe, Meilensteine und Ergebnisse finden sie aber auch weiterhin auf dieser Website.