NEW 4.0 - Projekte / Übersicht

Our Goals

The principal goal is for the entire Hamburg and  Schleswig-Holstein region to have a safe, cost-efficient, environmentally compatible and socially accepted regenerative power supply by 2035, based entirely on renewable energies. To achieve this principal goal, generation and consumption must be synchronised at all times, taking into account the complete integration of renewable energies into an innovative, sustainable energy system. A core task in this endeavour is to create a flexible and smart network of generators and consumers, involving all components connected to the power grid. Novel concepts for system control and integration as well as the smart link between generation, distribution, storage and consumption must therefore be implemented. NEW 4.0 pursues a twin strategy: increasing power exports to other regions while increasing the energy self-consumption ratio. Here, particular focus is placed on making power consumption flexible in completely new dimensions and, in contrast to the previous system, adapting consumption to generation. This means converting surplus, renewably generated power into other energy forms, such as heat (sector coupling). The future market design and the interaction between the market partners are also to be tested in NEW 4.0 with the aim of developing solutions for further regulatory development.

In concrete terms, this means developing an integrative system that covers the following tasks:

  • improving the utilisation and relief of the transmission grids to avoid congestion and feed-in management (such as shutting down wind farms in response to grid overload)
  • retrofitting and optimising grids to increase their capacity
  • innovative, grid-friendly system management of renewable generators in conjunction with storage units
  • making consumption flexible by means of load management, storage and sector coupling
  • avoiding climate-damaging CO2 emissions by significantly reducing conventional energy generation

For the aims to succeed, an innovative digital strategy must be created by developing central information and communication technology (ICT) structures, taking into account

  • the testing of new platforms; this includes creating market-based and regulatory incentives for a new market design, including ones for adapting consumption to the expected generation and integrating storage units into the market
  • the promotion of acceptance and utilisation transfer
  • the expansion of qualification through training so as to bring expertise into the market

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