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The North of Germany is the leading region for renewable and sustainable energy as well as mobility solutions in Germany. Within the EU Interreg “Northern Connections” project, the City of Hamburg as well as the State of Schleswig-Holstein would like to invite companies – especially small and medium sized businesses – to present their innovative ideas regarding an intelligent energy supply and smart mobility solutions for cities as well as a for rural areas.

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When and where?

June 13th 2019 |LIVING LABS| Hamburg, Germany

  • Wälderhaus Hamburg /Am Inselpark 19, 21109 Hamburg

June 14th 2019 |FIELD TRIP | Smart Region Eggebek, German

  • Bus or Taxi drive to Eggebek, Schleswig-Holstein


Here you can take a look into our program:

Living Lab Billebogen: 
Do you offer smart concepts for an integrated energy supply or e-mobility infrastructure? The City of Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany with approximately 1.8 million inhabitants and an annual influx of around 20,000 new inhabitants. The city is therefore committed to building more than 10,000 new houses each year as well as realizing new industry and office spaces. One of the new districts that are currently developed in Hamburg is the project “Billebogen”. It is realized by the HafenCity GmbH, who is planning to mix new-build offices with multi-layered commercial, industrial and manufacturing spaces on a total area of 230,000 square meters in the coming years. The challenges of the Living Lab “Billebogen” focus on an integrated and efficient energy supply system and providing a full e-mobility infrastructure. Read more here.

Living Lab Flensburg Fjord Region:
Are you an innovator for urban district heating or sustainable mobility solutions for rural areas?
Located in the north of Germany directly on the Danish border, the “Flensburg Fjord Region” consists of the City of Flensburg with 95,000 inhabitants and the surrounding rural region Eggebek, consisting of 34 municipalities with another 67,000 inhabitants. Together, they form a national model region with the common ambitious goals of reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by 100 percent until 2050 compared to 1990 and also cutting their total energy consumption in half during the same time period. For the City of Flensburg and the local utility company Stadtwerke Flensburg GmbH, two of the three challenge owners of the living lab “Flensburg Fjord Region”, the focus lies on finding innovative ways of improving their urban district heating system. The Amt Eggebek, the third challenge owner of this Living Lab, is focused on sustainable solutions for combined renewable energy and glass fiber solutions (“smart region”) including small-scale power-to-X technologies (sector coupling). The implementation of these projects is mostly planned from 2019/2020 onwards. Read more here.

Registration and more Information

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Please contact Tom Mikus from the Cluster Renewable Energy Hamburg under for more answers.

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